About uki.be

Simple, stylish and safe – announcing the launch of the new uki.be teether

Looking after a teething child is hard enough, without having to keep a garish piece of chewed plastic clean. Introducing uki.be – an innovative new product to soothe sore gums, with a simple, stylish and hygienic design.

With clean shapes and a fresh colour palette, the uki.be range will appeal to design conscious mums and dads, as well as babies and toddlers looking for something satisfying to chew. Choose a circle or a square (with gentle rounded edges), then pick a colour – black, white, grey, blush pink or neon yellow.

The British designed teethers are smooth on one side and textured on the other, perfect for gently massaging tender gums. Easy to grasp, the pockets have been carefully positioned to hold it in place on the gum, bringing more targeted relief. They can also be cooled in the fridge for added comfort.

All uki.be products are BPA-free and made from food-grade rubber. Thanks to their simple one-piece design, they couldn’t be easier to clean. They are dishwasher safe and can be sterilised in a microwave, an electric steamer, boiling water or cold water sterilising solution.

Retailing at just £10.99 each, they represent affordable everyday style.

The creator of uki.be is busy London mother of two and entrepreneur, Gillian Bennett, who was frustrated by the products on offer when her daughter was teething.

 “There are so many beautiful, individual baby products on the market today. What I find exciting is that so many of these products have been designed by stylish mums and dads, who have seen a way to make something better or create something really unique, and have shared it with the world. I was inspired to do the same with uki.be.

I spent a long time searching for a teether for Suki that was simple, effective, appealing to gnaw on, BPA-free and easy to keep clean. When I couldn’t find anything I liked, I decided to design my own.

The name comes from my daughter, Suki, who was my inspiration for the range. (Just try saying Suki with our teether in your mouth and you will see how we came up with uki.be!) Her younger brother, Rex is only just learning how to grip objects and he loves playing with the teethers too. They are great for helping him explore the world.”


Product Specifications

  • Complies with EU safety standard EN71
  • Age 0+, suitable from birth to toddler
  • High quality British design
  • Hygienically protected
  • Easy reach teether, designed to help relieve teething pain
  • BPA-free/food grade
  • Can be used before teething to practice grip
  • Smooth and tactile on one side, textured on the other to massage tender gums
  • Soft, lightweight and gentle
  • Hygienic, easy to clean one-piece design
  • Pockets specially designed to hold teether in place for easier, more targeted application.
  • Can be cooled in the fridge to bring added relief
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be sterilised: electric steam sterilising, microwave, boiling and cold water sterilising solution

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