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Signs of Teething

Signs of Teething

Welcome to Blog Post 4...
There are so many beautiful, individual baby products on the market today. What I find exciting is that so many of these products have been designed by stylish mums and dads, who have seen a way to make something better or create something really unique, and have shared it with the world. I was inspired to do the same with
Time has flown by and my Baby Wolfe is already showing signs of Teething!
Teething will always be a painful process for our little ones and it is most common for them to start teething between the ages of 3 months and 12 months old.
It's most common that the bottom set make it first! The top set then come along after. Lastly,it's the incisors and finally the molars.
A full set of milk teeth will usually be complete by the age of 2 or 3.
Cleaning care is most important even from that very 1st baby tooth that comes through which keeps them healthy and clean, but also gets them into a routine from a lovely early age.
Wolfe, is my 3rd Child and through making my products I feel l should be an expert on teething by now but it comes around fast.
But perhaps for new expecting parents?
What are the symptoms I need to be looking out for with my little one?
Firstly, every baby is different.
Iv'e had 3 and they all reacted differently, in other words it can be absolute hell, or they may not even notice!
These are the main symptoms that are most common:
  • More Poos to expect
  • Nappy Rash
  • Sore & Red gums 
  • One flushed cheek, which gives you an idea as to which side the teeth are coming through
  • Upset or irritable 
  • Dribbling or heavy drooling
  • Restless and having trouble sleeping
  • Not feeding well


That's when comes into the picture!

We have just won Gold in The Best Feeding Product Design at the Junior Design Awards 2018, specifically for our 2 in 1 Spoon/Toothbrush perfect for feeding and Teething.

 All of our products are designed to help relieve and soothe teething pain from birth to toddlers.

They are not only BPA Free food grade but they are British Designed.

They are Soft, light and gentle and can even be used before teething for practicing grip and exploring the world around them.

The most Important aspect about them is that they are smooth and tactile on one side, and have a textured surface on the other, designed to massage tender gums and really give your baby that comfort when going through that discomfort. They are perfect for gently massaging tender gums as well as apply teething gels and medication, this is another great tip to try out with the teething toy. Try rubbing Teething gels or granules onto the textured side with the bumps to massage straight into where the pain is coming from.

The pockets have been carefully positioned to hold it in place on the gum, bringing more targeted relief and can even be cooled in the fridge/ freezer to soothe tender gums further and are completely Dishwasher safe.

Lastly, they can also be Sterilised: Electric steam sterilising, Microwaving, Boiling and Cold water sterilising solution.

Not Just effective for babies..

The time will come when you will have enough of all that biting on your finger whilst trying to put teething gel on your little one's teeth. As soon as they feel that comfort they will gnaw right through!

So that is also why I invented these teething toys so that you can happily ease your babies pain without going through pain yourself.

Our Teething Toys:

1. Teething Toy

2. 2in1 Spoon & Toothbrush

3. Teething necklaces

4. Teether Toy Holder/Rings


These are all BPA Free! and are made from food-grade rubber and unfinished wood. 

"Simple and Stylish"

Of course all of these products make such a difference but another very important thing to do is distraction and comfort, make sure you are swamping your little one with lots of cuddles and playtime!

  • Our teethers designed for toddler and adults with SPD.
  • They are an alternative to biting/chewing on fingers, shirts, pencils, and other hazardous non-food items
  • To decrease pica, thumb-sucking, and tooth-grinding
  • To build oral strength and tolerance
  • To calm and soothe individuals through oral sensory input
  • To de-sensitize the mouth for individuals with oral defensiveness and food aversions 

I only want the best for my babies and yours. The best part of my job is seeing our teethers in use and getting all the positive feedback, it means the world to us as a brand.

So please do share your photos if you decide to try out & tag us on Instagram at

 Thanks for reading,

Love Gill



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