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Jade Green

Jade Green

Hello, Welcome to Post 1

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Who ever said you can't style yourself & those brand new clothes you've just bought that you're dying to wear out, with that baby of yours? - this is the beginning of a go-to guide for exactly that and is a perfect fit for mummies expecting their little ones or the first few years of their life.
There will be a lot of twinning, because we all know twinning is winning!

Recent Launch

We've recently launched our "Bottle Green" Teether, teething toy, which comes with a teething ring along with the teether itself, retailing at £13.99 " Please see below: 

Would you like to hear some reviews from our Customers? I have attached the link to each teether under the photo of the bubba!

"I won the Tommy teethers in a competition before my little one was born. She's just started teething and they are a godsend! She loves the different textures and can easily get them in her mouth and the area that hurts her, something other teethers just won't do."
"Thank you for our teether. The little guy is starting to suck on it giving his fingers a break!"
"This eye-catching range of teethers could not be much simpler in form, and it is this rather refreshing simplicity that allows them to do the job perfectly. The hygienic one-piece design is easy to clean, sterilise, or pop in the dishwasher. Made from BPA-free, food grade rubber, it is beautifully soft for a gnawing baby. The clean lines and gently rounded corners are easy for little hands to grasp with a carefully placed pocket that allows baby to secure their grip and navigate the teether for more targeted relief. On the reverse is a series of raised dots to help gently massage those tiny, sore gums. Alba is fascinated with these bumpy, tactile dots and loves to run her tiny fingers over them. It’s the smallest of things that keep them happy, isn’t it?"
Superb review from "Design Mum" -
"Dolly's teeth a bit sore" - are teethers and toys! 📷👍🏼📷💕"

Teethers & outfits I feel this is the start to a new trend...


The new launch of out Bottle Green teether, teething toy and teething ring would be a perfect match to this beautiful H&M Textured Dress, retailing at £39.99 still in stock online.
Here is the dress itself, which looks just as good unbuttoned or worn as a dress 2in 1, please see below.

A few more colour coordinated sets I put together


The co-ordinating gets better! 

Also now available on our website are the "String Bags", which are 100% Cotton and are available in 5 different colours, I have matched the lovely teal bag in the photo collage, seeing as "Jade Green" is our colour theme, but here is the same bag in the Gorgeous Black.


The Teething Necklace 

These little beauties are also available in several colours which adds to your own outfits as an accessory yet your baby is going to love you forever to be able to suck on one of these.
They are Effective and stylish for both you and your little one!
It wasn't included in the collage but here is a photo of one of the designs from our website.
This one is called "Coco Teething Necklace"
This is the "Fearne Teething Necklace", completely different but does the exact  same job.
I love what Angelika Cullen, known as @Schoolofmum! has done with our "Twinning Necklaces" made for both mum and your little one.
I cannot believe my First post ever is live and that we have reached the end of the first post. I honestly thought the day would never come that I'd have everything ready to even be able to click "post" and have it all live. There is a whole lot more to come and I am going to try my hardest to keep these posts regularly updated and continuous. 
I hope you've enjoyed this first whack of a post so far and to give you a quick insight of what is to come, the next post will be all about interiors... featuring my cottage in Devon.
Lots more exciting posts to come for you to get stuck into, whether it be on the train to work or those very few hours at night when the kids are asleep... whichever it is,
Thank you for staying tuned
Love Gill
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