Looking after a teething child is hard enough, without having to keep a garish piece of chewed plastic clean. Introducing teething – an innovative new product to soothe sore gums, with a simple, stylish and hygienic design.

With clean shapes and a fresh colour palette, the teething and weaning range will appeal to design conscious mums and dads, as well as babies and toddlers looking for something satisfying to chew. Choose a circle or a square (with gentle rounded edges), then pick a colour – black, white, grey, blush pink or neon yellow. 

Our First Stage Spoons + Toothbrush has a wide, easy grip handle and the spoon is durable yet soft and flexible so it is gentle on tender gums. Our spoon and toothbrush is a great first step to introduce your little one to the world of solid foods. The handle is designed for babies’ hands, perfect for the babies who want to feed themselves.

Unbelievably, tooth decay can start under the gum before your baby’s teeth come through so start the routine as early as you can. The first stage toothbrush is a soft silicone toothbrush shaped to clean teeth and gums correctly. The toothbrush works with your child’s chewing action, which comes naturally to babies and young children.

Our British designed teething products are smooth on one side and textured on the other, perfect for gently massaging tender gums. Easy to grasp, the pockets have been carefully positioned to hold it in place on the gum, bringing more targeted relief. They can also be cooled in the fridge for added comfort 

All products are BPA-free and made from food-grade silicone. Thanks to their simple one-piece design, they couldn’t be easier to clean. They are dishwasher safe and can be sterilised in a microwave, an electric steamer, boiling water or cold water sterilising solution.

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